2015/06/19 (Fri) 15:37
If I miss you won't tell you

If I miss you, I won't tell you, I will quietly lying on the grass on the ground, look at the sky cloud, a flower, the soft like cotton candy, like miss, gently

If I miss you, I won't tell you, I want to sit on top of rise steeply, pray to the sun place, greeting a person, like the sunlight, warm warm

If I miss you, I don't want to tell you, just want to sing a song for the us, also loudly for you again, again low is also think you, song flutters with the wind, like the wind, the gentle

If I miss you, I should tell you? Tell you, every word I write to you, acacia into poetry, I tell you, day and night, memories of orbit, didn't waste passing moment

If I miss you, is to say, then how can I say it? Cloud already into the rain, the sun to shade, how do I want to sing the song you will understand? Wet in the rain, my mood, cold

Memory to scour became a blank sheet of paper empty.

So give up?

Wandering in the rains and winds of candles, swing; Recall the stray, he found the road: miss, and do care about days and cloudy, lack of full moon! But I miss you, just so simple!

So, if I miss you, I should say, let sunshine bring my gentle, floating clouds carrying my wishes, singing, or the wind and rain in containing the whistle, slowly touch your fingers, feeling, really

If I miss you, so, think you, is the deep, like a night...

If I miss you, so, miss, this is thick, such as silk...

If I miss you, whether you also like me?

A night wind, cool, looked up and saw the faint moonlight, the moonlight, light...

Suddenly remind of, who is that face, thin...

Is her beautiful face...

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